Free Press is a San Francisco based music collective with roots in soul, jazz, blues and improvisation.  Featured singers and players include: Christie Harbinski (vocals), Dave Mihaly (drums/piano), Zornitsa Marinova (percussion), Michael Cavaseno (guitar) and other players.  Please refer to individual tabs on this website for more information on the members.   Free Press plays at venues such as the Cadillac Hotel, Le Colonial, Club Deluxe, Madrone, the Lost Church, other venues, political, and private/non-profit events.      


We feature rotating guest musicians such as Ryan Mihaly, (saxophone/piano), David Boyce, (saxophone), from the Broun Fellinis, David James, (guitar), from the Afrofunk Experience, Carl Nash (piano) and Tony Pena (violin). Free Press also seeks and supports  international emerging artists such as Sonam Llhamo, a Himalayan singer and multi-instrumentalist hailing from Kathmandu, Nepal, (please refer to the "Emerging International Artist tab on this website).    

Free Press loves supporting world musicians and political issues such as housing or human rights.  Housing being a human right is a mantra which galvanized us in the aftermath of Ghostship, (Oakland), as many artists continue to live in substandard conditions, face eviction, or experience homelessness.   Band members travel around the world to Nepal and India to learn more about Tibetan refugees and world music such as Indian and Himalayan music.   To this end, Free Press supports non-profits such as Reality House West, Code Tenderloin, the Gubbio Project, and local/national affordable housing organizations such as Habitat for Humanity.  We also support international artists who are fighting for human rights.  

Please check out the About/Show info tab for more information including upcoming shows and our featured artists.