Free Press is a Female/Filipina San Francisco based music collective with roots in soul, jazz, blues and improvisation.   


Featured singers and players in this Female/Filipina ensemble include: Christie Aida (vocals), Mena Ramos (Afro-Cuban percussion), Laura Harris (Piano), and Amelia Catalano (flute and sax).


Free Press plays at venues such as Golden Gate Bandshell Jazz + Soul Fridays courtesy of SF Parks-Rec/Parks Alliance/Illuminate, SkyBridge on Stevenson All the Way Live Dance courtesy of the SF Parks Alliance, Bird and Beckett, Flower Piano, Kapwa Gardens, (SOMA Pilipinas), the Cadillac Hotel, Revolution Cafe, Club Deluxe, Madrone, the Lost Church, and other political/private/non-profit events.


















We feature rotating guest musicians and poets such as Annelise Zamula (Flute/Saxophone), Ryan Mihaly, (saxophone/piano), Dave Mihaly, (Percussion/Piano/Guitar), David Boyce, (saxophone Broun Fellinis), Ahkeel Mestayer, (percussion), SF Poet Laureate Tongo Eisen-Martin and Filipino poet Jx Theo.  


Free Press supports housing and human rights.  "Housing is a human right" is a mantra which galvanized us in the aftermath of Ghostship, (Oakland), as many artists continue to live in substandard conditions, face eviction, and/or experience homelessness.  Free Press supports non-profits and community organizations such as SOMA Pilipinas, Republika, Kapwa Gardens, Concerts at the Cadillac, (serving low-income residents in the Tenderloin), Reality House West, Code Tenderloin, the Gubbio Project, Nepali/Tibetan Monasteries and local/national affordable housing organizations such as Habitat for Humanity. All efforts must be made by stakeholders to prevent Filipinos, (as well as other communities of color), from being further displaced in the SOMA as happened with the International Hotel.  

For more information, contact thefreepressmusic@gmail.com for upcoming gigs and booking requests.  

Photos taken by Jay Mijares, (https://photosontherun.com) and Fred Aube, (@ Aube.fred). Stylist is Na'imha Muhammad, (@naimahnajahmuhammad).  Clothing by Al's Attire.


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  • Free Press at the Illuminate Poetry Celebration of Life for 4 SF Poet Laureates
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