© 2018 Free Press Music, Photography by Jay Mijares Photography, Videography/Editing by Katherine Looper/ Lee Walkup.  A&R Representation by Strange Neighbor, Los Angeles.

Free Press is a San Francisco based soul/jazz/blues/improvisational group featuring Christie Harbinski (vocals), Dave Mihaly, (drums/piano), and Michael Cavaseno, (guitar).  Free Press plays at venues such as the Cadillac Hotel, Le Colonial, Manny's, Madrone, the Lost Church and other private/non-profit events.      


We feature fabulous guest musicians such as Ryan Mihaly, (saxophone/piano), David Boyce, (saxophone), from the Broun Fellinis, and David James, (guitar), from the Afrofunk Experience.

Housing being a human right is a mantra which galvanized us in the aftermath of Ghostship as many artists continue to live in substandard conditions, face eviction, or experience homelessness.  To this end, Free Press supports non-profits such as Reality House West, Code Tenderloin, the Gubbio Project, and local/national affordable housing organizations such as Habitat for Humanity.  

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