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Recent/Upcoming Shows:

With Six Roses 

Madrone, SF, CA

2/27: 7pm

Free Press

Britt Marie - Albany, CA

3/29: 8:30 to 10:30pm

Free Press

The Lost Church, SF

6/20: 8:30-10:30pm

Free Press

Cadillac Hotel - SF, CA

7/19: 12:30 - 1:30pm (FREE)

Revolution Café, SF

8/27: 8:00-11:00pm

Free Press

Manny's SF

9/22: 7:00-9:00pm

Free Press

Club Deluxe

Halloween Special 10/29: 6-9pm

Free Press


Originally 1/7/19 but rescheduled due to flu.

2020 TBD: Orsen's Belly

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