Free Press Music


Origin: San Francisco

Genre: Soul, Jazz/Blues, Alternative

Years Active: 2017-Present

Label: Strange Neighbor

Official Websites:

Free Press (FPM) is a jazz/blues/improvisational collective based in San Francisco featuring musicians from around the globe.  Members of the music collective are: 

Christie Harbinski on vocals, Dave Mihaly on drums/piano, Michael Cavaseno on guitar, and Zornitsa Marinova on percussion, (congas, cajon, drums and other instruments).  Free Press features amazing guest musicians such as Ryan Mihaly on saxophone/piano & David Boyce on saxophone, Carl Nash on piano and Tony Pena on violin.  Free Press plays at venues such as the Cadillac Hotel, Le Colonial, Revolution Cafe, Madrone, Lost Church, Club Deluxe, Amado's and other private/non-profit events.


Dave Mihaly or "The Sensei" is known for his drum and percussion work with Jolie Holland and the SF improvisational collective Mushroom. He has manned the drum chair with Trans Van Santos, Bardo and many more.  He is bandleader and songwriter for the Shimmering Leaves.  

Zornitsa Marinova has played with Gringa, Radio Sofia and many other bands. Please refer Zori's separate tab on this website for more information. 

Christie Harbinski sang with Glide Gospel Choir and other jazz groups.   



A & R Representation:

Adrian White, Strange Neighbor |