Sonam Lhamo

Sonam Lhamo(KnimDoma Sherpa) was born in August 15,1999.She first began performing at the early age of 7 and is multi-instrumentalist playing Tibetan/Sherpa Lute(danyen) and 3 other culture instruments as well as singing and dancing.she has also studied Tibetan Opera. Sonam has given performances worldwide including traveling to participate in the Dharmadhatu Festival as a principal musician and many various regions within India and Nepal.She is a music teacher in Kathmandu,Nepal.

In additional to her performances,Sonam is also dedicated to sharing her heritage by acquiring training in yoga,meditation and singing bowl healing modalities.As one of the primary hosts to those travelling to Kathmandu, Nepal, Sonam has shared these offerings with international audiences from United States,United kingdom,Asia and many other countries to give them a greater understanding of the richness of Himalayan Culture. 


Rinchen(Pemba Ringchhi Sherpa) was born in February 28,1997.Rinchen resides in Kathmandu Valley.He is skilled in Playing guitar,Tibetan/Sherpa Lute(danyen) and many other Nepali instruments.Rinchen has also studied the vocalization of traditional Nepali folk songs and culture Dance.

Rinchen began practicing at the early age of 9 and has devoted the last ten years of this life to perfecting his knowledge of the folk songs of Himalayan region.He has expanded his performing experiences by joining many bands and participating in group concerts.He has dedicated his life's work to the preservation of his culture by sharing his knowledge of traditional Tibetan,Sherpa and Nepali music with many audiences.