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Sonam Lhamo

Sonam Lhamo, (Knim Doma Sherpa), is a multi-instrumentalist playing the Tibetan/Sherpa Lute (danyen) in addition to singing and dancing.  She also studied Tibetan Opera. Sonam has performed worldwide as a principal musician at events such as the Dharmadhatu Festival and in many regions of India, Nepal and Brazil. She is a music teacher in Kathmandu,Nepal.

In additional to her performances, Sonam  shares her heritage through teaching yoga, meditation and singing bowl healing modalities. Sonam shares these offerings with international audiences from all over the world to create a greater understanding of the rich Himalayan culture. 


Rinchen, (Pemba Ringchhi Sherpa), resides in the Kathmandu Valley. He is skilled in playing guitar, Tibetan/Sherpa Lute (danyen) and other Nepali instruments.  Rinchen studied traditional Nepali folk vocalizations and cultural dance.

Rinchen has devoted the last ten years to perfecting Himalayan folk songs. He plays in many bands and is devoted to the preservation of traditional Tibetan, Sherpa and Nepali culture.


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This channel is coming soon!
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